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Wow this is a great interview, although is was very long...so took me a while to read through it!

I have recently started learing arabic through a podcast and we use technology a lot at my school for learning but i think that there is a lot more that can be done, but this is the start and it looks good so far!

Hi Sam - Thanks for stopping by. Podcasting is certainly taking off, but the creation, distribution, and consuming tools all have quite a ways to go to be made usable for the masses.

Glad you enjoyed the post - you can subscribe to the audio via the iTunes Music store as well, just search under podcast for "Dan Keldsen" - and you're good to go (but no transcription - have to come back here for that!).

Enjoyed the interview! I saw Clark present at the ISPI conference in Dallas last year. It was helpful to hear a reminder of his thinking especially in a different context.

I heard about this podcast via your post on the NASAGA list. Thanks!

BTW, I live in southern Vermont only two hours from Boston. Would love to meet you and talk training games sometime.


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