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May 19, 2005

Star Wars Sith Leaked Online

As should've been expected, a copy of the latest Star Wars has been leaked online, although in this case, it is a workprint complete with timecode overlaid on every frame, which is not quite the same as leaking a clean/pure digital copy of the version that millions will be watching in the theater, but still, problematic in the theoretical lost revenuee, or a fantastic promotional opportunity for the launch of Star Wars EP3. Plenty of conspiracy talk around this already.

In any case, assuming it was an insider, this illustrates at least two things for intellectual property protection concerns.

  1. Insiders can more easily compromise systems, with their ready access to systems and content, whether maliciously intended, accidental (unlikely in this case), or for publicity purposes (for good or bad)
  2. Putting security on the finalized content is one area to be addressed, but what about roughs, final drafts, or Golden Masters? Is all of your content secured, throughout the lifecycle, or do you wait until it's about to be released to the world, or a partner, before wrapping security around it? Is it up to authors, editors, admins to add security, or is security process built-in to the creation/editing/distribution/destruction process?

For more details...

Link: Waxy.org: Daily Log: Star Wars EP3 Workprint Leaked Online
Link: Reuters: Final 'Star Wars' film leaked to the Internet

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